The main objective of Miratus is to promote the social inclusion of children, adolescents and adults from disadvantaged neighborhoods surrounding the association, through the development and implementation of projects that include cultural, educational activities, sports with a specific focus on badminton.


Para public company for the promotion of local materials

Asha Bengal

Asha Bengal works actively to achieve its objectives : Support project initiated by Indian NGOs Promote humanitarian actions undertaken in India by local partners Link Switzerland and India through various activities Bring each year furniture and financial support to Bengal.



« Helping people live better lives in fragile situations, for sport or physical activity, thanks to the involvement of employees Oxylane. »


The objective of Kines du Monde is to make people from developing countries get an easier access to re-education care. It is a development action that aims at training local teams. Kines du Monde this takes part in public and community health programs  


« Life companies is constantly changing opportunities and challenges are many. Globalization of the economy, increasing innovation exchange of business models, new networks, etc. This context invites new decision grids and action. It also requires women and men able to reinvent their own path and that of the company to which they devote their energy.

Terra Indica

“Terra Indica is born from the mix between two artisanal and artistic cultures.”  The founders are sculptors from Saint Luc Institut in Belgium, friends or painters of Fine Arts of Calcutta. They get their inspiration from Latin, Indian or Middle-Eastern styles by mixing them to get their quintessence. Terra Indica is a franco-italian decoration workshop … Continuer la lecture de Terra Indica 


Equinoxe is a team of specialised partners gathered around two people fond of communication and images. They provide a continuous support based on availability, reactivity, and the requirement to provide a high-quality service. .

Dominique Lapierre

The association Action for leper children of Calcutta was created in 1982 to react efficiently in favour of the underprivileged people put in light by Dominique Lepierre in La Cité de la Joie. Thanks to generous donations added to the copyright kindly offered by the author, homes, schools and healthcare centres for lepers, disabled or … Continuer la lecture de Dominique Lapierre 

Inde Espoir

Founded in 1981 from collaboration between Indian and French Jesuits, the Association Hope India sends each year a hundred of students in villages and shanty towns to realize useful constructions for the poorest.