Our Charity

The association was founded July 18, 2014.

It supports the evolution of  associations in the world (West Bengal, Cameroon, Brazil),  in their activities and in their management by developing a vision and a long-term strategy focused on education, health, culture, autonomy

The Project:

The association Enfance Espoir et Bonheur is the association in charge of controlling and supporting the project. Its mission is to support some projects : Paras Padma in western Bengal, Miratus in Rio and AFIDI in Cameroon, and to make sure the project is transparent and well conducted. It comprises all the partners, donators and is made up of 3 permanent members.

The project aims to allow children to have access to education, training and development hatched by an ecosystem in isolated rural areas of India, Brazil and Cameroon.

It aims to make associations « girls » autonomous.

Development poles (agricultural farm unit water production, bakery, medical clinic, agricultural cooperative ) should allow the centers to be autonomous in medium / long term.